History of National Opera and Ballet

In 1890 the foundations of professional opera in Bulgaria are being laid. It becomes a cradle of talents, who had given the world reasons to begin speaking for the Bulgarian’s Opera School. By obtaining ideas of the Western European’s and Russian’s opera, by cultivating a taste towards Italian’s belkanto and Russian’s classical opera, National Opera and Ballet – Sofia outlines its’ way of high artistic achievements and becomes a center of ours national musical-stage culture. Very Soon after its’ creation, the theatre approbates the ensemble method and style of work to a permanent group of soloists, choir, orchestra, ballet, technical and productive team, which plays annually till 10 operatic and ballet premiers as well as concert programs. Together with the basic repertoire of titles from the World’s Opera classic, the National Opera and Ballet produces creations from Bulgarian composers. From the Sofia’s stage, many singers make their first steps to the World’s Opera centers.

The creative collectives of the opera – choir, orchestra and ballet express themselves not only in separate performances, but also independently on the stage of the theatre in the foreign countries.

The Choir – built like a homogeneous ensemble with beautiful, Slav’s emission, gives independent concerts with operatic, Church-Slavonic and choral music. Herbert von Karajan has invited it for participation in the Salzburg’s festival and for records.

The Orchestra – monolithic community of talented instrumentalists with academic education, works with the best Bulgarian conductors and composers, and in its’ professional growth eminent foreigner creators had left creative trace. Its’ soloists in concert halls are:
Nikolay Giaurov, Mirela Freni, Nikola Giuzelev, Rayna Kabaivanska, Anna Tomova – Sintova, Georgi Cholakov, Mihail Svetlev, Nikola Nikolov, Agnes Balca, Aleksandrina Milcheva, Hose Kareras, Plasido Domingo, Moncerat Kabaye, Huan Pons, Elena Obrazcova, Olga Borodina, etc.

Members of the ballet group are alumni or post-graduate students of the best masters from the Russian’s school. Together with the traditional titles, in the repertoire are also creations of classic choreographers of twentieth century.

The National Opera and Ballet creates many feasts for its’ public. With big interest are being met The Easter Musical Festival, which includes in its’ program premiers and gala performances with the participation of famous Bulgarian singers and guests from foreign countries; The Christmas eves in the opera – a series of specially selected performances for Christmas and traditional meeting of New Year’s Day in the opera with a glass of champagne.

The theatre is a host and co-organizer of the International competition for young opera singers “ Boris Hristov “